Welcome Adventurers to The Forgotten Isles. A place abandoned by time and left to the wilds. We know not what caused the empire who once ruled these lands to fall into ruin, just that in the untold years since this place has become a refuge to those who wish to seek their fortune outside the grasps of the continents' laws and tax.


The Isles are now the home of pirates and cut throats who have used the Shattered bays and broken islands as hideouts for their schemes and plunder. Creatures lurk in the waters and along the shores of the isles. Orcs roam the hills in untold numbers, and rumors of dragons overhead… but amidst all this, a New Haven has been carved out. A place for fresh starts or adventurers like your selves to seek their fortune and fame. The port town can offer much in the means of pleasure or supplies, As well as captains who will brave the waters for their own share of the hidden treasures that may lurk ashore.

The Forgotten Isles